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Special solutions from Mirror Media concisely fit in any kitchen. Such TVs are protected from dust and dirt, can be installed almost in any place, therefore can save additional space. Fill in your kitchen with such a beautiful and functional solution.
The brand new development from Mirror Media - built-in TV for kitchen.
The kitchen is that place where often the high air wetness, temperature drooping and there is a limitation of space. Especially for such conditions these products have developed. Fully customized for you TV design will perfectly match with the furniture. Moreover, it does not need a lot of space, because it can be built in almost in any place in your kitchen "aflush" and no more then 3 cm thick. The high level protection from dust and wet guarantees long life cycle. Built-in Mirror Media TV for kitchen is easy to clean and care and it demonstrates high work stability even within tough conditions.
The professional matrix ensures very high quality picture, wide view angles, high brightness and contrast. Built-in media player allow to play any audio and video files from Flash or HDD, while built-in audio dynamics provide extra quality sound.