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Touch board

Touch board is combination of touch screen and powerful PC. Unique symbiosis of a spectacular furniture design and leading technologies.

Multi touch screen technology allow to manage device by few users at the same time. It is simple to watch, edit, copy any documents presentations and files. The highest picture quality is provided by Full HD or 4K screen resolution and large angle views, which are 178 degree.

Built-in PC has very powerful characteristics. 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD (gross) allow fast and comfortable work. Moreover, it is simple to make an upgrade over time.

Big variety of colors for tempered, impact resistant glass and veneering with artificial stone are available. In addition, a polish stainless steel is used as the basis. However, you are not limited by choosing only these materials. You can customize your own design of touch board.

Screen Resolution
View angle Sensor
Integrated speakers
Interface Configuration. On demand

Children today have an extremely good understanding of what are new technologies. Developing touch boards for children have got a prevalence in education sphere. It is undeniable, that learning as a game is much more absorbing. Moreover, you can choose any educational content. The glass is safe for children due to impact resistant technology.