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Built-in TVs

Mirror Media group gas a huge experience of integration individually designed mirror TVs. Tv can be integrated in the wood, ceramic, monolith, granite and marble, nested in wall, closet, column or even in the floor and ceiling.
Mirror Media group TVs have a high quality picture and sound systems. Functional and user-friendly interface provide comfortable using experience. Support of any ports and devices (Apple TV, Playstation, Smartphones) and Smart TV, allow you to use Mirror Media group TV functions freely (Icons Youtube, Twitter, Sportexpress), watch what you want whenever you want.
Special Mirror Media group technology is used for integration built-in TVs. Special mounting frame with metal ball locking mechanism ensures a robust and reliable connection and simple when u need to install or remove it.
The most cutting edge solutions concerns the sound. The sound from Mirror Media group is always brilliant and high-quality. We work every day to make our acoustic characteristics perfect.
It can be exterior ceiling dynamics with different options of design and power. They can be protected from wet, therefore can be integrated in the areas with high level of wet such as bathrooms and swimming pools. One more exclusive solution is an impulse (surface speakers). In this case the sounding board is a glass TV surface.