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Mirror Media Group is an experienced integrator of solutions for the hotel businesses. Present technologies allow to put the comfort and convenience to an absolutely new level. Solutions, which our company offers includes standarts of well-known, famous hotels. Savoy, Four Seasons, Metropol, Hilton and many others have already valued unique opportunities of our products. With Mirror Media Group you can realize the most bold ideas while unique solutions will make your hotel extraordinary. Your guests could touch the modern technologies and put themselves into an uncommon atmosphere of comfort, cosiness and homelike.
Let your guests to feel themselves homelike or even better. In the hotel room you can use Mirror Media TV with installed "Hospitality TV" feature and easily change the temperature, lights or jalousie.
Exclusive TV design can be developed individually for your unique project. It can match with your perfect design and become a beautiful decoration for hotel room or lobby.
Unique mounting systems allow to put TV almost in any place, to hyde it or disguise.
3 year warranty. Professional matrices which are used in mirror TVs - extremely durable. It allows to make the service easy and simple and to reduce costs for exploitation.
Energy saving LED technology - the most environment-oriented solution.
Full integration with leading interactive TV technologies (Locatel, Lynk Reach, Quadriga, Hoteza). Simple and comfortable. No need in Set-top box.
You can easily program and manage content on all hotel TVs from one central computer.
Your logo mapping on TV screen. Your guests will observe a greeting message and logo after turning on the TV.
With the channel editor it has become very easy to manage channels. Now you can do it centrally. No need to manage or adjust every single TV in every room.
The ability to connect wireless headphones. Bluetooth technology in Mirror Media TVs provides comfortable audition for your guests.
Unique solutions for bathroom. Water-resistant Mirror Media can be installed in zones with high humidity, for instance in the bathroom or near the swimming-pool.